Session 6 : 17-08-2013

I personally like to integrate literacy to teach Mathematics to children. M/s Peggy Foo had used the book titled: 2 Ways to Count to 10  ( story retold by Ruby Dee) to teach Math concept.

two ways to count 10

I would like to reflect upon the systematic approach to get children understand the concept of counting to 10 using the storybook.

Get children to:

1) predict the story “Two ways to count to 10” based on the given words.

2) write the predicted story in 5-10 lines given the helping words below:

eg. Leopard King,  contest, feast, threw the spear, looking for a prince, cleverest animal

3) If children are unable to write the story, get them to say out verbally using the given words.

4) Teacher reads the story to the children.

5) Retell the story in round robin through pictures or text.

We were then asked by M/s Peggy Foo to brainstorm ways in which this task can be differentiated for different learners (e.g. those children having difficulties versus those children having higher ability).

Possible answers:
– to get the average students to find different ways to make 10
– the weaker students could be given ten frame and counters to help them visualise
– the advanced learners could be asked to find all the different ways to make 10

Carol Ann Tomlinson, advocate for differentiated instruction theory, believed that the process of “ensuring that what a student learns, how he/she learns it, and how the student demonstrates what he/she has learned is a match for that student’s readiness level, interests, and preferred mode of learning” (Tomlinson, 2001)

Adapting Tomlinson’s guidelines for ideas using Differentiated Instruction for which, technology can be used to:
◾Clarify key concepts and generalizations.
◾Emphasize critical and creative thinking.
◾Engaging all learners is essential.
◾Provide a balance between teacher-assigned and student-selected tasks


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