Session 2: 13-08-2013

Concept of Whole Numbers
I enjoyed using 10 frames with the beads in my learning of whole numbers and the best part is that it is easy to make. Otherwise an egg-carton could also be used. I feel that 10 frame is a fun way for children to learn it as it gives them the opportunity to learn by manipulation and concrete materials. It allows them to see things visually, to look for patterns, and to provide an awareness of number sense.
I was surprised to know that a simple 10 frame and beads could provide children with so much of learning in a fun way. Children are able to learn number bonds, space values, one-to-one correspondence, conservation, addition and subtraction, etc.
10 frame
Children learn because they construct knowledge themselves. Thus it is important for teachers to build the platform for them.
As Dr. Yeap mentioned, “You cannot imagine well if you have never experienced. Imagination is visualization which is connected to construction.”

Below is a useful clip showing how to get started using ten frame.


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