Session 1: 12-8-2013

The first day of the Mathematics class was indeed very informative. Mathematics is now no longer to be seen as a list of topics to be covered but in fact it is seen to provide relevant learning experiences for children. Dr. Yeap stressed the importance of appropriate teaching approach when teaching children Math concepts. Firstly teachers should allow children to explore the tools related to their learning. Secondly, teachers should scaffold children’s learning by prompting them to facilitate learning. Lastly, teachers should model  for example by saying , “I wonder whether these five pieces could make a rectangle.

The tangram provided me with a great insight of teaching children to use the pieces to form various orientation of shapes. For example: to use 2 small triangle and 1 square piece to create a rectangle and to use 4 triangles to make a rectangle. The seven shapes in the tangram (five triangles, one square and one parallelogram) provides concrete learning experience to children.

It is stated that “When children are actively involved, they are manipulating with real objects, exploring, reflecting, interacting, making decisions and communicating with other children and adults to construct knowledge and ideas from their experiences.” (MOE, 2007).

I would like to reflect on Dr. Yeap’s saying that, ” If input is knowledge, we don’t tend to forget but if input is information, we may forget if we do not revisit it for sometime.”


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